December 16, 2017
Senior Center Services

The Aging Commission of the Mid-South contracts with senior centers in our four-county service area to provide a wide range of supportive services.  Most centers are focal points in the community for those over the age of 60.  

The primary services offered in most centers include:
   •    Educational and Recreational Activities
   •    General Information and Assistance
   •    Access to Community and Governmental Agency Representatives
   •    Health Promotion / Disease Prevention Services
   •    Transportation / Outreach
   •    Congregate Meals
In Fayette County contact:
 Senior Centers
Contact Info
Somerville Senior Center
108 Kay Drive
Somerville, TN 38068
901-465-3554 (Office)
901-466-1963 (Fax)

In Lauderdale County contact:
 Senior Centers           
Address                           Contact Info

 Lauderdale County Commission on Aging
605 Airport Street
Halls, TN 38040
731-836-5444 (Office)
731-836-1055 (Fax)

In Tipton County contact:
 Senior Centers
 Address  Contact Info
 Tipton County Senior Center
401 S. College Street
Covington, TN 38019
901-476-3333 (Office)
901-476-3398 (Fax)

In Memphis and Shelby County contact:
 Senior Centers

Goodwill Homes Senior Center
4590 Goodwill Rd
Memphis, TN 38116
901-785-6790 (Office)
901-789-8351 (Fax)

 Oasis of Hope
233 Henry Avenue
Memphis, TN 38107
901-578-9546 (Office)
901-578-9546 (Fax)