December 16, 2017
Frequently Asked Questions on Becoming a Service Provider


How can I become a Provider for ACMS?

Area Plans are written on a four year cycle and request for proposals are solicited at that time.  2018 is the 4th year of this cycle and a renewal contract period for existing providers.  Existing providers have the option to renew their contract however; it is not an automatic guarantee.  Past years’ deliverables, quality of service, and capacity are all taken under consideration.

Please continue to look for information on our website for 2019 Request for Proposal (RFP)information.   In Fall 2017,  you can learn more on our website about  the next Area Plan cycle for FY2019-FY2022.

What licenses do I need?

A business license and licenses as required for each service:

  • Homemaker, Personal Care, Sitter and In-Home Respite require a PSSA License.
  • Adult Day Care requires a Nursing Home, Assisted Living or Adult Day Care license.
  • Institutional Respite requires licensure as a Nursing Facility.

For more information call the West TN Licensure Office 731-984-9684.

What are the Financial Requirements?

  • Line of Credit, Tax Return & 3 Months Operating Expenses.
  • Proof of Liability Insurance (minimum $1,000,000).

What Policies & Procedures are Required?

  • All staff with client contact must be screened with documentation of background checks (sex offender registry, parole & probation check, elder abuse check) and compliance with health  history requirements. Acceptable documentation of above is required in all personnel records.
  • Written Confidentiality Policy.
  • Title VI Plan.
  • Policy & Procedure Manual.
  • Employee Training Manual.
  • Provider agency must provide on-site supervisory visits every 30 days with written documentation.
  • Must comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Job Descriptions, Quality Assurance Plan and backup system for Continuity of Services.

To become a CHOICES provider call the Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) directly to request an application: United Healthcare – 901-248-1555 or 901-248-1552 and Blue Cross Blue Shield – 1-800-924-7141.

For additional provider opportunities you may contact Julies Graves, Program Development Grants Specialist at 901-222-4100 or