December 16, 2017

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Information & Assistance
Phone: 901-222-4111
Angela Hastings Service Coordinator
Anitra Rogers QA Manager
Annette Mathews Public Guardian Specialist
Tasha Phillips Receptionist
Cinder Jones Budget Analyst
Andra Amerson Service Coordinator
Terri Bourage Intake Assessment Specialist
Daniel C. Park IT Manager
Dayna Jones Admin Tech
Lejoyi White-pollard Clerical Specialist
Gerald Sardin
Office System Tech
Gloria Jackson Clerical Specialist
Gloria L Collins COO/Manager
Lakesha Stewart Admin Tech
Tawanda Batts Admin Tech
Jennifer Lowe QA Specialist
Joanne Lowe CHOICES Outreach Coord.
Karen Blanton
Intake Assessment Specialist
Kathryn Coulter CDO/Manager
Kathy Williams CFO/Manager
Kisha Stewart Service Coordinator
Kimberly Meabon  Public Guardian Volunteer Coordinator
Latasha Richmond Public Guardian Specialist  
Latonya Buchanan CLS Ombudsman 
Laura Pounder I & A Specialist
Linda King Contracts Analyst
Linda Owens Finance & Adm. Coordinator
Dorothy Bogard Assistant Public Guardian
Marticia Taylor Choices Coordinator
Christopher Pirkle I & A Specialist
Tracy Morris Choices QA Coordinator
Jocelyn Taylor Admin Tech
Peggy Dobbins Public Guardian Manager
Precilla Bobo CHOICES I & A Specialist

Sandra Smith I & A Specialist
Sharon Williams
CHOICES Program Manager
Stephanie Harris Service Coordinator
Stephanie Towns Choices Outreach Coordinator
Vickie Green I & A Specialist

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